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Shaky instrumentation
AT2 - Shaky instrumentation

Greetings OPL3-geek!

Welcome to the official Adlib Tracker II website! Here you'll find the latest info on subz3ro's finest FM-tracker. This will in time be the place to discover how to make most use of the OPL3-chip and a place to share your interest in FM-synthesis with other users.

Adlib Tracker II is, dare we say, the most userfriendly tracker aimed for the OPL3 FM-chip, and is full of advanced features to simplify your task of making the most of your Adlib-tunes. Supporting 4 operator instruments, percussion mode, a wide selection of importable song- and instrument types and - maybe foremost - an advanced macro editor that can really push the FM-chip to the limit.

If you're lucky enough to have an old PC machine lying around with a Sound Blaster 16 / AWE32 / AWE64 card - or a brand new computer that can simulate it - don't hesitate to install and get grooving with this ultimate FM-tool of yours!

Feel free to browse these pages to find out more about Adlib Tracker II and see what you can do with it. Enjoy!

Website - About & History

This website looks great in 800x600 resolution and upwards, on all modern browsers. Website coding, gfx and overall design by encore. Content provided by encore and subz3ro.

2014-10-27 - Released new DOS/SDL version with numerous fixes and improvements
2014-09-05 - Fixed/improved Note Recorder feature
2014-07-30 - Released new DOS/SDL version with Note Recorder feature
2014-07-15 - Updated DOS version + changes in the Downloads section
2014-07-14 - Released version DOS/2.3.49 and SDL/2.4.16
2014-06-13 - New versions available in the Downloads section
2014-04-24 - Updated SDL/Linux version
2014-04-09 - New DOS and SDL/Win32 version with many fixes and improvements
2014-03-17 - Updated SDL/Linux version + redesigned Downloads and Contact&Links section
2014-03-14 - Bugfixes/improvements in both versions + udpated Screenshots section
2014-03-11 - New DOS and SDL/Win32 version with some major improvements
2014-03-03 - New SDL/Linux version with bugfix for file-related issues
2014-02-21 - New SDL/Win32 version with improved OPL3 emulation, some fixes and additions
2014-02-14 - Added SDL/Linux version and DOSBox Megabuild package for real HW playback
2014-02-13 - New SDL version featuring WAV recording
2014-02-11 - New DOS and SDL version + sources at SourceForge
2014-02-06 - Updated all releases, added link to SourceForge in Downloads and updated Contact&Links
2014-01-31 - New SDL version with some goodies and again improved OPL3 emulation!
2014-01-26 - New versions with important bugfixes, improvements and some new features
2014-01-17 - Release of new versions and update of site contents
2013-12-31 - First official release of SDL-version
2012-01-21 - 'ijsf' from Holland has added MIDI-support (MPU-401) and created an AT2 Google code-project
2010-11-24 - Preconfigured DosBox-package for Windows-users added to the Downloads section
2010-11-23 - The source code for AT2 has been open-sourced!
2007-08-14 - Updated FAQ, more great news! - AT2 plugin for Winamp available!
2007-06-10 - New version (revision 38) available - featuring a bugfix
2006-10-14 - Updated FAQ with some great news - AT2 player with OPL3-emulation now available!
2006-01-06 - Website finally online and domain name has been registered! Hooray!
2005-07-30 - Now in PHP! Guestbook added, superpolished webdesign and more.
2005-04-30 - Updated webdesign and architecture
2005-01-07 - Birth of new website creation!
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