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So, you really feel the need to explore the world of FM-synthesis, don't you? :-)

Program releases

Adlib Tracker II G3 (DOS)
ver. 2.3.57

Release date: Sep 10, 2019

ZIP file includes tracker, command-line player, user manual, tons of instruments and a good amount of playable songs for listening or inspiration.

Refer to Revision History for complete list of changes.

Adlib Tracker II SDL (Win32)
ver. 2.4.24

Release date: Sep 10, 2019
Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10) version with very accurate OPL3 emulation, featuring WAV recording.

Refer to Revision History for complete list of changes.

Adlib Tracker II SDL (Linux)
ver. 2.4.24

Release date: Sep 10, 2019
SDL Linux port package managed by member Daniel Illgen (insane/Altair).

Refer to Revision History for complete list of changes.

ADT2Plug for Winamp/XMplay

Release date: Dec 24, 2018
Input plugin for Winamp and XMplay made by Daniel Illgen (insane/Altair). Allows you to play all module formats supported by AT2 using OPL3 emulation from SDL version.

Special program packages

AT2 G3 w/ DOSBox (HW)

Release date: Sep 10, 2019
DOSBox SVN_MB6 package for real OPL3 hardware playback under Windows operating system. PortTalk driver and instructions how to configure it are also included. Credit goes to member NeuralNET.
AT2 G3 w/ DOSBox (Mac OS X)

Release date: Jul 27, 2017
DOSBox-X SVN package for Mac OS X operating system. Instructions how to configure it are also included.
Credit for package goes to member BitPusher.
Adlib Tracker II G3 (MidiSynth)
ver. 2.3.52

Release date: Oct 30, 2014
ZIP This version is kept online as it yet features MidiSynth mode. This feature has been discontinued and removed, so if you want to make use of your MIDI keyboard, you have to take this one.
Adlib Tracker II (OPL2)
ver. 2.0.27

Release date: Oct 11, 2000
ZIP This version is kept online for compatibility reasons with old hardware, as unlike AT2 G3 ver. 2.3.xx, it's running in real-mode (16-bit) and will work on OPL2-based cards.

Program sourcecode

DOS / SDL ver. 2.3.57 / 2.4.24

Release date: Sep 10, 2019
Complete program sourcecode with resources and makefiles for DOS / Win32 & Linux platform.

Requirements for compilation:
DOS: FPC 2.6.x (with GO32V2) or higher
Win32/Linux: FPC 2.6.x or higher

OPL3 sound demonstration

Here are some audio examples recorded from Adlib Tracker II in action! The soundcard used in these examples is a Creative Labs Soundblaster 16 PnP at work, sampled using an M-Audio Delta-44 soundcard. It was then normalized, mastered and finally encoded to MP3 (LAME version 3.90.3 MMX using alt_preset_standard quality). Some of the tracks are in mono as they don't contain any stereo information. The right column describes where to find the songs in the modules-folder.

Audio Examples
Benjamin Gerardin - High Tech Environment III ben\fm36b2.a2m
An arcade-like tune with a great melody. FM-music as we like it!
Benjamin Gerardin - Unnamed ben\fm63b_rv.a2m
subz3ro's favourite tune and thus remastered by himself.
Brendan Bailey - A Different Kind Of Hero brendan\newfil38.a2m
Another arcade-like tune showing the legacy of FM as gamemusic, signed "Pinball Brendan". ;-)
Encore - Computer World encore\1_cworld.a2m
An experiment questioning whether Kraftwerk can be covered authentically on the OPL3-chip.
Encore - The Absence Of Julia encore\ab_julia.a2m
Fresh for 2006! Lots of macros used to create the C64:ish sounds.
Nula - Onward nula\onward.a2m
A cover on 'Onward', originally by Jugi / Complex. Very nice technodrums a'la OPL3.
Nula - Super Mario nula\mario.a2m
A nicely instrumentated cover of a Super Mario Brothers tune.
Phandral - Arpeggio Domination phandral\arpegdom.amd
Nice demotune by Phandral / Sanxion. Appeared in Sanxion Adlib Musicdisk II.
Phandral - Marbles phandral\marbles.amd
Another tune by Phandral / Sanxion from the same musicdisk.
Sami Wilenius - Surrounding surround.fmk
A dark track with some fm-sounds panning around (nicely simulated) in the stereospectrum.
Also some 4-operator instruments used.
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