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subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Wednesday, 16th October 2019, 16:19

@jj: Run adtrack2_hq1.bat respectively adtrack2_hq2.bat.
@Midori: It would be possible to have this partially configurable in config file, but this would need a stand-alone utility to control the consistency of those user-configured key shortcuts, so they don't interfere with some mandatory key shortcuts of the tracker itself. Perhaps in the future, this is not planned now.
@Rado: This is not planned. If you need to capture to .raw or .dro, you can do this with DOS version in DosBox.

jj, another visitor from j. Friday, 11th October 2019, 12:14

how to enable full screen mode in windows?
window is so tiny

Midori, musician from Poland. Tuesday, 24th September 2019, 2:41

Great piece of software, but it really calls for the possibility to remap the keys and set the edit step to 0~

Rado, another visitor from Slovakia. Saturday, 14th September 2019, 20:16

What about exporting music to OPL capture formats (.raw or .dro) ? :)

GWang, newbie from Los Angeles. Tuesday, 30th July 2019, 0:46

thanks. im using sdl version on windows

uniprawn, another visitor from spain. Friday, 19th July 2019, 18:15

thanks, I will check out the mlf folder

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Wednesday, 17th July 2019, 16:41

@G.Wang: Hi. Glad you enjoy the program. I presume you are using DOS version. It's been reported that some keys are not detected correctly with notebook keyboards. If you are using notebook with reduced key set (shared keys), try to use external keyboard with NUMPAD section and this should work without problem then. If you are (perhaps) using SDL version for Unix or DOSBox version for MacOS, these are the compatibility issues which are unfortunately not fixable yet.

@uniprawn: Unfortunately there is no such tutorial written yet. I would suggest to look after modules which do feature Macros (many of them you can find in folder "MLF") and learn from there. The rest is just about getting used to key shortcuts and navigation within the UI, which will surely come as you start using it.

uniprawn, newbie from spain. Wednesday, 17th July 2019, 14:33

Are there any tutorials around anywhere about how to use adlibtracker2's instrument macro editor as well as the arpeggio+vibrato macro editor, seems like some cool, complex, evolving sounds should be possible but I dont fully understand how to use them

G. Wang, musician from Los Angeles. Tuesday, 16th July 2019, 0:39

Hello Subz3ro, I'm really enjoying adlibtracker2 and the 4op FM synthesis.
This is great software.

I have one small problem, I must press shift+ to change the attack, decay, sustain and release in the instrument editor but I do not need to press shift- to go the other way.

I must press and hold 'shift' before using '+' for some reason

RegTheEvil, opl3-geek from Finland. Thursday, 4th July 2019, 0:02

I couln't make my keyboard notes recorded. When I play my MIDI keyboard with AT2, I can hear sound but I can't make notes appear in the tracker. I can only see midi messages ON/OFF. Celill could not help me with this. When in record mode where I can use my ps/2 keyboard to insert notes in the tracker, I can't figure out anything similar with MIDI keyboard, just play for fun. Notes don't get inserted in the song from MIDI keyboard.

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Tuesday, 2nd July 2019, 12:05

@RegTheEvil: Well, it's never been full sequencer using MIDI keyboard, this is what a NRECM mode stands for, but as far as I was aware of, it should be possible to input notes with it, so how do you mean "t seems it may not be possible to use midi keyboard for recording at all'?

RegTheEvil, opl3-geek from Finland. Sunday, 30th June 2019, 23:40

Hi! I asked Cecil about midi synth mode and it seems it may not be possible to use midi keyboard for recording at all. It seems the midi synth mode is used for making AT2 as synthesizer but there might be midi keyboard capabilities in the futute. Cheers!

RegTheEvil, opl3-geek from Finland. Monday, 24th June 2019, 18:36

Thanks for the info, subz3ro! I can't figure this out at all myself. Hitting alt+space highlights "SYNTH!" text and I can hear the notes but I can also hear them when "SYNTH!" is not highlighted. All I can do is listen to the notes I play mith my MIDI keyboard. I can't make notes to appear in my song. DOC-file was helpfull in setting up MIDI keyboard for this version of AT2 but I definitely need more help. So I will email Cecill for more assistance...

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Sunday, 23rd June 2019, 19:30

@RegTheEvil: Synth! mode was an experimental feature coded by community member Cecill Etheredge (ijsf) for Open Source project, which has been taken over to official version and kept until program version 2.3.52. As it was more a hack than a regular feature, and as it was colliding with (at that time) upcoming features (particularly Note recorder mode) and not supported for SDL version line at all, it's been removed since.
Unfortunately I cannot give you much information how to use it, as I never owned a MIDI keyboard to test it out, all I can do is to refer you to chap. VIII in file ADTRACK2.DOC included in the program package, where some brief tutorial is put down by the coder himself. Also be sure to activate the mode with Alt+Spacebar prior to trying make any use of the MIDI controller. If you do not figure out yourself how to use it, try to contact directly Cecill via his contact email: ijsf@gmx.net. I'm sure he will kindly help you with some useful tips and instructions how to use his feature :)

RegTheEvil, opl3-geek from Finland. Wednesday, 19th June 2019, 13:26

Hi! Since I finally got myself midi-gameport adapter I am now testing AT2 version 2.3.52 with midi support. I couldn't figure out how to add notes in the tracker from my midi keyboard. I can play midi keyboard and I can hear sound inside AT2 but I can't figure out how to make key strokes recorded in the tracker. How is this done exactly? I can only manage to record notes from my ps/2 keyboard.

strepsilsman, newbie from spain. Wednesday, 13th March 2019, 0:04

Thankyou, my mistake.

I now have perfect 140BPM rendered .wav loops from the test i did with 'televics - cwack'.

Maybe there was just some groove I didnt spot in the first tests i did causing slightly different BPM.

Thanks. Great software.

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 13:57

@strepsilsman: There is (by default) 2% slowdown with playback in SDL version, to match the DOS version. But it is counted with that value during calculation of timing frequency for BPM speedup/slowdown. If you have difference in BPM's compared to your DAW, in my opinion, it must have other reasons, like sampling rate frequency deviation or other calculation of BPM rate within your software (... just thinking aloud, I honestly don't know). According to feedback from a user who did the feature tests, it's been accurate for evaluation with his software. If yours is having difference, you can try setting the playback speed fix to 0% (set option "sdl_timer_slowdown=0" in configuration file), or try to adapt the rate of the metronome instead, there is no further adaptation of this BPM calculation in AT2 planned.

strepsilsman, newbie from spain. Monday, 11th March 2019, 20:10

Hi, I downlaoded the latest SDL version for windows to check out the new BPM timing function.

The .wavs that I'm rendering at 140BPM are not perfect 140BPM loops when I load them into my DAW and check them against the metronome.

Is there a way around this? Maybe if I use dosbox or something?

I heard that the SDL plays tracks back slightly faster than the original dos version.

Will there be a way to get perfect BPM loops out from the SDL version in future?

encore, musician from Sweden. Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 21:50

Sorry for the radio silence. We had some domain issues that are solved now.

Scott, newbie from Norway. Sunday, 30th December 2018, 12:51

Yep, that's exactly it!

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Sunday, 30th December 2018, 11:33

@Scott: Actually it's very hard for me to do it that way, due to how the concept of playback in AT2 is working with pattern data. What would be (eventually) possible is, that within a special mode, already written note inputs would be discarded when the song advances to next pattern order (pattern is rewinded back to row 00 respectively, in case pattern repeat type of playback is chosen). This would allow continuous "jamming" without interference with already recorded data, 'cause I assume that's the main concern.

Scott, newbie from Norway. Saturday, 29th December 2018, 16:18

If NRECM without input is possible to somehow implement elegantly, it would certainly improve the experience for me. I might be mistaken, but if it were the default mode, it would resemble the behavior of other trackers, but with the improved possibility of defining the number of tracks which to utilize.

teimoso, another visitor from ?. Friday, 28th December 2018, 1:36

The new versions seem to work fine. Thanks!

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Thursday, 27th December 2018, 11:10

@teimoso: Thanks for report, no additional symptoms are required. You can already download bugfixed versions in Downloads section.

teimoso, another visitor from ?. Wednesday, 26th December 2018, 22:39

There appears to be a bug with the latest update (Win32 ver. 2.4.34 & DOS ver. 2.3.57):
Upon confirming an instrument name entry in the Instrument Control Panel (e.g. pressing Enter twice on an instrument), Adlib Tracker II crashes (and shows the error window below).
In DOS using DOSBox, the above process crashes both Adlib Tracker II and the emulator. The video output isn't particularly helpful; I can only make out "ABNORMAL PROGRAM TERMiNATiON" and part of a memory address.

The crash doesn't occur if you press Escape to cancel the name instead of Enter to confirm it.

Error window:
"An unhandled exception occurred at $00402914:
EAccessViolation: Access violation

Scott, newbie from Norway. Wednesday, 26th December 2018, 18:34

In a nutshell, yes!

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Wednesday, 26th December 2018, 11:44

@Scott: In the end, what you want is NRECM (as-is) but without actual note being put to the pattern, right? :)

Scott, newbie from Norway. Wednesday, 26th December 2018, 3:28

Thanks alot for the new version!

I appreciate the multi-track note-input during playback. But I don't get that one has to record what's played in order for it to be audible. By entering for instance the instrument control window while playing a song, instruments are indeed audible, but leaving the song halted for the duration of a key-press. I suppose what I'm looking for is a multi-track note-input, minus the input ;) Then again, I haven't seen anyone else mentioning this here. Maybe it's just that my workflow simply sucks.

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Tuesday, 25th December 2018, 21:47

@Lauchmann: Bug. I'm quite pissed tbh.... as I did the new feature's coding some time ago, while recently, there have been only some parts of ASM code ported to Pascal in order to be fully compatible for x64 OS (actually it's been not completely done yet). Particularly one routine responsible for evaluation of regular string expression was simply replaced with FPC's internal IsWild function, which as it shows now is not fully compatible with old ASM routine. Nevermind. Long story short -> Uploaded bugfixed version. Please re-download.

Lauchmann, newbie from germany. Tuesday, 25th December 2018, 17:41

Err...question. So there is now the option "lf_in_mboard_mode" in the config that should take linefeed option (F12) into consideration when simply entering notes. However it doesnt do that or anything else.

Did I miss something misunderstood it's purpose or is it a bug? (Win32 2.4.24)

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Friday, 21st December 2018, 16:44

@Scott: If we are talking about Pattern Editor, then no, you are not overlooking anything, and it is exactly reason why the Note Recorder mode has been introduced, so it extends that simple MidiBoard mode input with possibility of multi-track note input during song playback (credit goes to DiodeMA for the idea and beta-testing of this feature :) Of course, you can still "jam" using note sounds with instrument preview capability, which is available on many places in the tracker (pretty much everywhere where's something sound-related adjustable).

Scott, newbie from Norway. Monday, 17th December 2018, 23:31

Yep, great news about a new version!

Perhaps I'm overlooking something, but I am not able to keyboard-jam over a song playing. Only way to have audible notes when jamming, is by recording.

Chakotay Maquis, newbie from bong country. Tuesday, 11th December 2018, 23:39

This is great news...I'm looking forward to it

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Monday, 10th December 2018, 12:47

@Chakotay_Maquis: There will be new version with BPM handling natively featured in tracker soon. Wait for the Christmas :)

Chakotay_Maquis, newbie from bong country. Wednesday, 5th December 2018, 3:05

Hello SubZer0...

Im still having a problem getting an eact 140BPM out of the AdlibTracker2 SDL version.
There has been some discussion about this over on the renoise forums and it seems like the SDL version of AdlibTracker2 possibly renders .wavs slower than AdlibTracker 2 running in DosBox.
I havent tried rendering from DosBox myself but when rendering from the SDL version I got the following results :

06/56Hz renders out to .wav at 137.5 BPM

06/60Hz at around 147BPM

06/50Hz at exactly 122.5BPM

Can you recommend setting which will render samples at an exact whole number BPM, no decimal point ( doesnt have to be 140BPM )?

Lauchmann, newbie from germany. Tuesday, 29th May 2018, 15:51

@subz3ro: That will be good enough. Thank you so much.

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Tuesday, 29th May 2018, 15:02

@Lauchmann: Ok. I will try to do this for next version then, but of course only configurable with delegated config file option, otherwise it might be interfering with preferences of other users.

@Rado: If you find a generic concept how to interpret .raw and .dro data in a form of patterns (which means particular notes, instruments and effect commands of the tracker), I can promise you it will be for sure implemented in AT2 ;-))))

Rado, another visitor from Slovakia. Monday, 28th May 2018, 23:47

Is there any chance of ADT2 loading OPL capture formats (.raw and .dro) in the future?

Lauchmann, newbie from germany. Monday, 28th May 2018, 21:21

@subz3ro: Simple, using the MBOARD to input notes is the quickest and also gives you sound output with all other channels playing aswell which is very useful so it naturally becomes the preferred way.

I often times need to try out notes at a specific line since I am still pretty bad at composing. Or even more embarrassing: miss the note I intended to play. Every attempt of correcting one of my mistakes becomes quite painful because it forces me to the next line.

Manually advancing to the next line(s) on the other hand isnt too cumbersome due to the keyboard only nature of it but I guess that goes for most trackers. Heck better yet having an option for how many lines it should advance on input. But I can see why you and others might think thats unnecessary because it slows you down when you know what you are doing.

But I really like the option to toggle linefeed for notes off just to make it easier learning making music (yes i know this is a weird place for that but it helps keeping me interrested), learn how to use FM and learn trackers in general so that I might turn linefeed back on when I get good enough at it.

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Monday, 28th May 2018, 13:31

@Lauchmann: It does, once you turn off the MBOARD mode. And for MBOARD mode, when there is actual sound output of the note performed, having it without "linefeed" on entering notes doesn't make much sense to me. Maybe if you explain me in more details why you want it, so I find a sense in it....... :)

Lauchmann, newbie from germany. Sunday, 27th May 2018, 15:42

Can the linefeed toggle please work on notes aswell? I am scrub at this already and having the screen rock up and down makes me sic.

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Thursday, 12th April 2018, 17:56

@Gaston: Does the tracker autodetect OPL3 interface on port 388? If not, force this address with command line option "/cfg:adlib_port=388". If yes, and autodetection writes "ok" (you can check this in DOS prompt screen, before the tracker fades to main screen), you may need to have you soundcard driver for DOS configured properly. Anyways, I'm not quite sure if it's even possible, as it looks like PCI card, not ISA. Perhaps there is some software emulation, which definitely sucks FM-sound-wise. You should better go along with AT2 SDL version then.

Gaston, musician from Argentina. Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 10:24


I have a toshiba tecra 8100 notebook, with win 9se, and a yamaha ds xg sound card (includes an opl chip) it's there any way to make at2 work on that machine? i get no sound from the program but i can use it to play games with soundblaster sound just ok, greetings from argentina!

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Monday, 29th January 2018, 16:19

@Chris Valentine: As there is quite heavy use of inline assembler, it's hard to tell what may have caused this glitch on your setup (Ubuntu x64 + DosBox). Comparison to version 2.3.52 is also not relevant, as there have been quite many changes done (code wise) since this version, UI for Instrument Control has changed too, and also recent version is compiled under whole different runtime platform. DOS version is not intended to be used under x64 operating system whatsoever, so I would recommend you to go along with SDL version and Wine frontend for Win32, if possible.
There will be fully native x64 SDL version once.... I'm working on code rewrite to pure Pascal, it's just that the time is against this goal. Patience :-)

Chris Valentine, newbie from Germany. Monday, 29th January 2018, 2:01

Hi, guys!

Is it possible that there is some kind of bug in the DOS version G3 2.3.56 of AT2?
Check out this screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/h1PU0

I switched to the instrument control by pressing Ctrl+i. I can edit an instrument. I can also enter a name for the instrument after pressing Enter, but the name isn't saved. It also seems the whole right panel isn't drawn properly. At this point i cannot close the window of the instrument control anymore by pressing ESC or for example quit the program by using F10, i am stuck in this window. I checked the older version G3 (MidiSynth) 2.3.52, this version works without any flaws as it should: https://imgur.com/a/Q9GUW

I am using AT2 in DOSBOX 0.74 (the most recent version) under Ubuntu Linux 64 Bit. Has anyone else this strange behaviour?

Beside of that: Thanks for this great progam. Playing around with the old Soundblaster sound brings back lots of good memories.

subz3ro, coder from Slovakia. Saturday, 20th January 2018, 2:30

@geomodular: I can give you answer just to your first question - would be definitely good option, but unfortunately it is not possible (and not planned too) :-)

geomodular, musician from Slovakia. Wednesday, 10th January 2018, 11:36

Hello everyone - Happy new year!

I am really happy for this software, love how the OPL sounds and despite I have computer built for this software I am using SDL version instead because of computer's noise.

I have some questions to ask:
1. It is possible to change some shortcuts? I assume there is no way but I am asking anyways.
2. Maybe dumb question but I am not synthesis expert. Is there any, physical, synthesizer I could get that works similarly so I can play with it and set adlib tracker according to it?

Thank you!

PS: I would love to join the FB group unfortunately I am not on FB anymore. Nevermind :)

Mark Lyken, newbie from Scotland. Thursday, 4th January 2018, 15:38

Hello again.
Posting this in case it is usefull for any other Libretto 100CT users. My Libretto sound woes were solved by downloading the Windows 98 OPL3 driver from the below page. Thanks so much to the folks at the Adlib FB page. Now to learn how to use the program! http://device.yamaha.com/en/lsi/download/

Mark Lyken, newbie from Scotland. Tuesday, 2nd January 2018, 13:50

I guess I could intsal Windows 95 or just MS DOS if those would provide better environments for running Adlib? I just need to work out how to wipe and instal an OS on the Libretto as it doesn't have a floppy drive or a CD drive! It does have a removable "D" drive though with a Flash Card in an adapter in the PCMCIA slot. I used this to put Adlib2 on the machine in the first place. I will read up on how to wipe and instal in the meantime.

Mark Lyken, musician from Scotland. Monday, 1st January 2018, 22:31

Happy New Year!

I have a Toshiba Libretto 100CT that I picked up to run Adlib2.
It was working great and was enjoying listening to the modules but in a moment of utter madness I installed Windows 98 SE from a setup file on the machine and since then I can't seem to get any sound out of Adlib2.
Adlib seems to be running fine apart from that and I can see the VU meters dancing but no sound outputs.
The instal also made the volume control vanish from the toolbar which I have since fixed by replacing a SNDVOL32.exe file but no luck with Adlib2.
All other sound plays back fine when testing with the Direct Sound Tests via the DXdiagnostic tool + Impulse Tracker recognises "Sound Blaster Pro" & plays back sound OK.
I also reinstalled the Driver from Toshiba Website (Yamaha OPL3-SAx WDM) but to no avail.
It briefly flashes up "OPL3 interface recognised" when loading the program.

There was defintelly a cheery OPL icon somewhere in the Control Panel which has since vanished too.

I'm a newcomer to PC's having always had a MAC, an have even less experience with MS DOS.
I'm hoping I've somehow managed to simply mute the sound in Adlib but that may be too much to hope for!
Any help or pointers in the right direction would be great!


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