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The following screenshots are showing different areas of the program...

Pattern Editor
- Pattern Editor - A song is created on patterns, which are then put in order.

Instrument Control
- Instrument Control - Load, edit, name and save your instruments.

Instrument Editor
Instrument Editor
- Instrument Editor with preview - Programming of FM-instrument starts here.

Macro Editor
- Macro Editor - Explore yet unknown areas of your OPL3 chip.

Song Variables
- Song Variables - General settings and variables for your song.

Block Operations and Clipboard
- Block operations and clipboard is used for more convenient work.

Help Screen
- Help Screen - Always easily available.

Instrument Bank Browser
- All instrument macro information is accessible at one place.

Arpeggio/Vibrato Macro Browser
- Adding different Arpeggio/Vibrato macros to your instrument is now easy.

Arpeggio/Vibrato Macro Browser
- Working with 4OP instruments is possible within instrument banks too.

Debug Info
- Debug Info - All necessary stuff about OPL3 registers can be followed here.

Volume Analyzer
- Volume Analyzer section at the bottom of screen - FM-sound being visualized.

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